Wedding Traditions

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Wedding Traditions

Wedding traditions can go back hundreds of years but where do they come from?

In recent years many have gone out of fashion, I mean who wants to throw a gorgeous bouquet away? Wedding tradition is for a bride to throw her bouquet over her shoulder and the lucky person who catches the bouquet will be the next person to marry but have you ever wondered why and where that tradition comes from?

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It was thought to be good luck to touch the bride and guests would crowd around the poor girl and try to touch her or something she'd touched and sometimes even try to rip her wedding gown off completely to get a 'piece' of her!

Can you imagine, the poor girl must have been lucky to escape from that ordeal unharmed!

The Escape!

One canny young bride figured out that if she threw her flowers at the crowd it would distract them from her and she could make good her escape!

Guests desperately wanted pieces of the bride’s accessories so were pleased to grab the flowers, since they too were thought to bring romantic luck for the future.

Incidentally the bride then escaped with her beau to the bridal chamber whereupon her groom, after a short while, would return out of the chamber and throw the garter which he had removed from his young lady and throw this too at the baying crowds!

orange wedding bouquet

And so it came to pass . . .

Over time this act of distration turned into a wedding tradition where the bride turns around with her back to the crowed so she can't see where the flowers are aimed and tosses her bouquet over her shoulder to all the female guests at the festivities and the lucky lady who catches the bouquet gains good fortune and is the next to marry!

So there you go, tossing the bouquet, like nearly all wedding traditions, is grounded in some sort of fact and and there's nearly always a reason as to why they came about.

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